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Three story fragments, although the first can be thought of as a complete mini-fic.

1)  Probably set during or after BtVS Season 8.  Written because someone remarked that there was no Dawn/Andrew/Connor fanfiction.


"Buffy, I need to talk to you."

Buffy looks up from the report she's reading. "What is it, Dawn?"

"You know I've been happy with Andrew, right?"

"Uh-huh." (Buffy pauses.) "Wait, what?"

Dawn continues, "I mean he's so sweet." (pauses) "And he's such a good kisser." (pauses) "But then I met this new guy. Nothing's happened yet. And it's a little weird with him being Angel's son and all. But we get along so well. And there was this instant connection between us. I don't want to hurt Andrew, but what if I'm supposed to be with Connor?"

Dawn sighs. "I know. This is just something I'm going to have to work out for myself." She turns and leaves.

Buffy stares after her in shock.

2) Scene from an unwritten Kim Possible/Buffy crossover.  Set during the Season 7 episode "Dirty Girls".


Caleb's punch sends Buffy flying across the room.  "So, what else you got?" he says smugly.

Kim steps forward, presenting a calm facade.  "Me."  She studies Caleb with an air of disdain.  "I've fought supervillains before.  And you do not impress."

Caleb gestures toward an unconscious Buffy.  "She might say differently.  If she could talk, that is."

Kim shrugs.  "Anyone can land a lucky punch."  

Caleb glares at Kim for a moment then swings at her, but she dodges the punch, then a second one.

He lunges at her, but she sidesteps and steers him into a wine barrel.

The Harbingers step forward out of the shadows and the Potentials advance to meet them.  Spike glances at Caleb then charges at the closest Harbinger.

Meanwhile, Kim watches Caleb struggle to his feet. She maintains her air of disdain.  "Really do not impress."

3)  Scene from an unwritten Dollhouse/Buffy crossover.  Set around the time of the (unaired but on the S1 DVD) Dollhouse episode "Epitaph One" and is probably a crossover with my main alternate Buffy universe.    Buffy's team has emerged from a trans-dimensional portal and has just contacted Mag's group.


Buffy's handheld signals an incoming call.  She waves off Mag's alarmed expression.  "Don't worry.  It's shielded."

"Buffy, it's Willow.  I'm sending the latest data over to you."

Buffy waits for the download to finish, then responds "I got it."

"All right.  This will be my last contact until you call for retrieval.  Remember to disable incoming calls until then."  Willow pauses.  "And Buffy?  Be careful."

"Of course,"  Buffy answers casually.

"I'm serious,"  Willow says urgently.  " If one of those waves gets past your shields, I-I don't think even I can bring you  back."



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